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Non-Profit Central Florida Cat & Kitten Rescue 


How heartbreaking loss created epic love...

In 2023, MMM founders, Jamie & Violet tragically lost their beloved rescue cat, Wally. He was only a little over a year old, but passed away a few hours after a routine neuter surgery. Devastated, they looked for a way to honor Wally's short life & Miss Mouse Meow Rescue was born! At MMM Rescue, we believe cats and kittens should be family. We interact  with our rescues all day every day & pay close attention to their needs. This allows us to correct behavior quickly as well as ensures our cats & kittens are well socialized. A few things we look for:

  • Litter box training

  • Smaller babies bullied during feeding time

  • Play that is too aggressive

  • "Dodging" or "cowering" behavior (fear)

  • Biting or scratching humans

  • Isolated behavior

  • Illness (coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, eye infection, etc.)

"At Miss Mouse Meow Rescue, we are committed to saving the lives of as many feline friends as possible."

-Founder, Jamie Kruse

Feeding Newborn Kitten

Become a Foster Parent

How you can help!

Because we are small & in home, we can only take a few cats & kittens at a time. If you have time and space and love to spare, contact us today! We would love to invite you into our feline family as you become a foster parent for cats & kittens. 

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